Bus to Hellesylt, Norway

We stayed in Alesund for 2 nights. On our last morning, they were having a special buffet where everybody was dressed up in suits and traditional costume. We woke up to the sound of a parade outside. This is how they start their Syttende Mai, Norway’s national holiday. Before taking the train, we watched the parade.

Traditional outfits
The parade
View from the bus

Even the bus had to take the ferry to get across fjords on the way.

Gerainger Fjord

We arrived Hellesylt around 2PM, got off the buss and started walking toward the hostel. We were half way there when Seb realized he didn’t have the wallet with the passports anymore.  He dropped everything and started running back to the bus. Good thing the bus arrived a few minutes early and had not departed yet as the passports were left on the seat.

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