Rome, Italy, Part 2

On our second day visiting Rome, we walked in town, visiting Plazza de la Republica, fontena del Triton (unfortunately it was in a box), fontena de Trevi (a lot bigger than we expected.. and really crowded) After losing ourselves in the little streets filed with official shops and random people selling random stuff laid out on blankets, we visited Templo Adriano and the Pantheon. We saw Piazza Navona and walked on street Coronari until Ponte Sant’ Angelo. On the other side of the Fiume Tevere, we saw Castel Sant’ Angelo. We kept walking to the Vatican. The basilica Sant Pietro is HUGE.. and so was the line-up to get in! We met an Australian girl in the line so the 40 minutes wait went by a lot faster. We passed security and decided to start with the Cupole to get a nice view. The stairs are wide at first but get narrow and somewhat steep. There is a nice footbridge almost at the top which allowed us to see the mosaics on the walls. We climbed more stairs, getting narrower (good thing we are not overweight) all the way to the top where a nice view of Roma awaited us. We came back down to visit the actual Basilica. It was really impressive. According to Lonely Planet, if you only have one church to visit in Rome, it should be the Basilica. They were right. After spending quite a bit of time in the Vatican, we walked back to our room.


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