Belgrade, Serbia

When we got in Belgrade, we were a little lost. The directions we had were from the main train station. Apparently, trains from Romania get to a different train station than the main one. It was a 2 km walk to downtown and we managed to find our way. After checking in and dropping our bags at the Goodnight Grooves hostel, we went for a walk around the pedestrian area and to the gypsy street. We ended up having supper in an English restaurant, the Little Bay, which was a lot fancier than what we are used to these days. We had great food for a reasonable price. We spent the rest of the evening talking with fellow travelers and the great staff at the hostel, tasting some rakija, the traditional Balkan drink. Rakija is a homemade alcohol from various fruits. The next day, we visited the citadel, walked to the buildings bombed by NATO in 1999 and all the way to the big orthodox church, which looks great from the outside, but is not finished inside. We also had an afternoon lunch at the ? pub. And yes, that is the pub’s name. We enjoyed our stay in Belgrade, on our way to Montenegro.

Belgrade Fortress Entrance
Belgrade Military Museum
Military Museum
Confluence of River Sava and Danube
View from Belgrade Fortress to Novi Belgrade
Ruins in the Citadel
Fortress Tower
One of the Fortress entrance
Main pedestrian street, Belgrade
Moscow Hotel
Bombed government buildings downtown Belgrade
Bombed government buildings downtown Belgrade
Cathedral of Saint Sava 
Street Art

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