Bucharest, Romania

Today, we visited Bucharest. It was way easier to get around in Romania than Moldova as they don’t use Cyrillic alphabet and Romanian is a Latin language close to French. Between two night trains, we had 15 hours to spend in this huge city. We walked a lot to see all the sights we found interesting in one day. There are quite a few areas with really old and interesting architecture. The walk from Gara de Nord to the Palace of the Parliament is over 4 kilometers via the Calea Victoriei. After the Palace of Parliament, we walked slowly toward the Kiseleff Park, where we  tried to read for a while but ended up having a nap as we were really tired. Sometimes sleeping in night trains isn’t enough and it was also really hot outside so a break in the shade of the trees was well deserved. When we woke up from our “reading break” we decided to go see the Arcul de Triumf. We didn’t know but they have one here too, just like the one in Paris, but half the size. It was rebuilt as a better version a couple times since it’s original wooden version built in 1878. The walk back to the station was long and under a very hot sun again and we got there around 7 PM, 12 hours after our arrival. We then sat down in an air conditioned Mc Donald to have a coffee and use their free Wifi until our departure time to Timisoara.

Random Old Building
University Library Carol
Dambovita River
Playground / Castle in Izvor Park
The corner of Boulevard Natiunile Unite / Libertatii
Palace of the Parliment
Coltea Hospital
Arcul de Triumf

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