Eisriesenwelt Ice Caves, Austria

The main reason for our stop in Salzburg was to see the Eisriesenwelt ice caves. We got up early and took the train to Werfen, Austria. The train ride was in a valley surrounded by big fields with white top mountains in the background. The little village is very colorful and peaceful. We took a mini bus from the station to the ticket office, 5 km uphill. We then had to do a steep twenty minutes walk to get to the cable car that took us closer to the cave entrance. There was another twenty minutes steep walk to get to the entrance. A good work-out well worth it but not over. The tour consist of a 1 km deep visit in the caves that are 40 km long. It is again a workout as you go up and down around 1400 stairs in the ice caves . The caves are beautiful with the ice formations inside that the guide illuminates from behind for the visitors. Unfortunately, pictures are forbidden inside the caves during the tour so we borrowed one from their website as an example. It is magical and a must see in Austria.


Werfen Castle, Austria
Werfen, Austria
Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg, Austria
Inside the caves. This is a picture from them as you are not allowed to use your camera inside the caves.

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