Kotor, Montenegro

The bus from Bar to Kotor had great views of the Adriatic Coast and the ride itself was worth the bus fare. After a good night of sleep in the Old Town Hostel, we left to climb the 1350 steps to the top of the fortress. It was definitely a satisfying exercise for the amazing view of the fjord. It was really hot but at least we went up in the morning, while there was still shade on most of the path. The fortress is partly in ruins now and looks amazing. The fortifications are impressive as they are built right on the mountain. We also walked through the wall to get to a small church on the other side of the fortifications. On our way back we were even happier to have gotten up has a lot of people were walking up. The small old town of Kotor is like a little Dubrovnik, a city we visited a little over a month ago in Croatia, not very far from here. We love to get lost in all the old cobblestone streets.


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