The most epic adventure ever!

Sydney, Australia

The walk from our hostel in Kuala Lumpur to the station was not that easy as the sidewalk sometimes disappear all of the sudden. We made it to the station and into the shuttle bus. It left a few minutes late, but we arrived early enough as there was no traffic in the early morning hours. We checked-in and went through real security this time. Our eight-hour long flight was uneventful and we arrived on time in Sydney.

On our first day in Sydney, we woke up around lunch time, thanks to our jet lagged bodies. We spend the day visiting some of the touristic sites. We walked towards the old Sydney and the Opera house. The city is very nice, clean and modern. The port is also beautiful.

Sydney Skyline


Opera House

We also spent some time in Sydney shopping for warm clothing to bring on our next adventure. We will have to come back to Australia for a proper visit as this was a very short transit on our way to Auckland in New Zealand.

The service on our Quantas flight to Auckland was very good, we enjoyed the meal and movie. When we arrived in Auckland, we waited in line for the immigration. The immigration officer was very funny and very smooth in obtaining all the info he needed without even looking like he was asking. After this long process, we picked up the bags and waited for what felt like forever to go though another immigration line, but this time for anything that needed to be declared. In both Australia and New Zealand, we had to declare food, hiking boots and anything that went into fresh water (as they are surrounded by salt water) among many other potentially dangerous items.

Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland, New Zealand

We spent the first few days doing some more shopping and getting ready for our next epic adventure. We joined the crew of Infinity, docked in Viaduc Marina. Infinity is a 36 meters sailing expedition vessel. The crew consists of 16 people from all over the world. We will be sailing from Auckland to Puerto Natales in Chile. On our way we will attempt to visit Antarctica, depending on the sea and weather conditions. It is the craziest adventure of our lives by far! We will be at sea for about two months, sharing meals and personal space with our new mates, while learning how to sail. It will be quite the adventure! Obviously as soon as we get back on dry land we will share new posts about our experience.

Infinity, our home for the next little while

The itinerary

As of some of you may have guessed, we won’t have any contact with the outside world for around 10 weeks. We do have emergency communication devices, navigation and safety equipment, and LOTS of warm clothes to make this trip safe and awesome! Meanwhile, have fun!

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