Oslo, Norway

We stayed in Oslo, Norway for a few days. This was our entry point to the country. We found that Oslo is just another big city. There is a few good things to see but we weren’t as impressed as when we walked in Copenhagen.

Opera house
Opera house
Tiger Statue
Opera house

Just playing with mirrors…

Akershus Fortress
King Haakon VII & Queen Maud and also King Olav V & Queen Princess Märtha

We visited the fortress and castle. We really enjoy the castles and old stone buildings from the medieval time. They have a lot of old furniture, paintings and tapestry.

Royal Palace Oslo

That’s where the king is when he is in Oslo. Apparently, he is very friendly and easy to approach. And no, we didn’t get to meet him. Maybe next time…

Parliament building, Oslo

We also saw one of the Scream painting in the National Gallery by Edvard Munch for free while in Oslo. It is free on Sunday so we think it was worth it.

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