A second expedition in Petra, Jordan

Petra is a huge site, way too big for a one day visit. We started our second day with a ride to the visitor center in the back of a pick-up, Jordanian style, in the box. We then started walking on the path leading to the site. After a little while, we arrived to a point where the path turns left. We went straight, going through Al-Muthlim tunnel. For about 30 minutes, we followed what looks like a river bed, but dry. This path leads to a curved canyon about 3 feet wide, with stripes ranging in colour from orange to purple all over the walls. The rock was amazing. When we got out the canyon, we turned left toward the main sites, seeing some old carved houses and a flight of stairs. We decided to take the stairs up the mountain. There is a path at the top that leads to the Treasury again, but giving us a stunning view from above. We had to come back down the same way. We admired the Sextius Florentinus Tomb Palace Tomb, Corinthian Tomb, Silk Tomb and Urn Tomb before exploring the Street of Facades.
We made our way back through the Siq towards the visitor center in the middle of the afternoon, under a hot sun and blue sky. In the evening, we enjoyed another awesome sunset from the hotel balcony.

Petra is the main attraction of Jordan and one of the New Seven Wonders according to one of the lists and we now understand why. The Nabataeans built most of this over 2000 years ago and it is a fascinating archaeological site.

Colorful motif in the rock
Dry canyon

Rock carved houses
Inside a rock building
Sphinx in Petra
More steps…
View of the Treasury from above
Us overlooking the Theater, Petra, Jordan
Blue lizard
Seven Wonders Bedouin Camp, Petra, Jordan

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