Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Our last stop in Bulgaria is Veliko Tarnovo. It used to be the capital of the country during the Second Bulgarian Empire. It is a great town with lots of shopping. We don’t do much shopping obviously as we think our backpack are already too big. There is a huge fortress, Tsarevets, the biggest and nicest medieval stronghold area we saw so far. It is a must see for anybody visiting Bulgaria.

Our secret destination is getting closer now, as we are going to fly from Bucharest, Romania. This was cheaper than flying from Sofia and is about the same distance from here. It is going to be the third time we are crossing the border to Romania and our second time in Bucharest. We won’t stay long as our train arrives in the evening and we are flying in the morning. A 8:10 flight from Bucharest to transit in Vienna and then we are leaving Europe for now…


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