Last moments of sailing : after over 2 months at sea

Cruising along the Chilean Patagonia

We made it to Chile today! In the afternoon, we entered the fjords through the Magellan Straight . It was so nice and different to steer while looking at mountains instead of endless water. We put the sails down and started to motor as the sun was setting.

We motored all night and the following day. We were lucky as the water was very flat. The sun was back as well, so we enjoyed a colorful sunrise over the mountains.

We spent the whole day enjoying the warmth and the sun, taking lots of pictures and just being in the moment. We saw a whale, some birds, magellanic penguins, seals, and sea lions. We picked an anchorage stop next to Puerto Natales and enjoyed a friendly sea-shanty competition and had to wait for the next day to clear the customs.

First step on dry land after over two months at sea!!

After being cleared by Chilean customs, everybody got in the tender for our first trip ashore since Antarctica. We were welcomed by a very cute puppy, who then followed us around town. In Puerto Natales, there are many dogs roaming the streets, about half of them have an owner, but are still free to wander. After our two and a half months at sea, we needed some well-deserved partying! We enjoyed our time in Baguales, a local microbrewery, where we practiced our Spanglish with our new amigos.

We spent a few days in Puerto Natales, relaxing and catching up on our almost normal life, and trying the many great Chilean wines. We took a room at the Patagonia Adventure Hostel for what we thought was going to be just 2 days, but we felt so at home that we extended our stay, while trying to figure out our next move.

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