Bruges, Belgium

Andrée-Anne was in Bruges 10 years ago and it is still one of her favorite town. Without it being planned, we stayed in the same small hostel from her last visit. It still looks the same so she recognised it right away as we walked in. Belgium being famous for beers, we tried a few different ones from the bar downstairs. We also enjoyed an happy hour at 1 Euro a beer, the cheapest one in a bar so far on our trip. We also went for mussels and fries as they are famous too, but they were deceiving as we were out of season. We really enjoyed walking in all the small streets surrounded with old buildings and canals. We also went up the Belfort, a tall tower on the main Markt Place containing the famous carillon. The view from that high was amazing even for a steep 18 Euro and 366 steps.


Markt Place Restaurant

Beer Wall

Carrillon Drum
View from the top
Stairs to Belfort

Canal View

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