Budapest, Hungary

We took a night train from Dresden to Budapest. We first visited a friend that couchsurfed at our home in British Colombia last summer. He lives in Ilmenau, Germany, we stayed overnight and then took the train to Dresden for a connection with the night train. We arrived 10 minutes late in Dresden for the connection but we were lucky enough to see our train still on the next track when we arrived. The night train ended up leaving 2 hours late and got to Budapest 5 hours later than expected. We were in good company so the ride was fun. We met 2 girls from Amsterdam and a couple from close to London. This is them on the first picture and it also shows how “big” the room was. We did make it there so everything was good in the end. The apartment we reserved was a 2 min of walk from the station, but we walked for 20 min to get there as we didn’t take the proper map with us. We found the place and contacted our host, which came right away and showed us the apartment. We were living on the 4 th level of an old building that have 20 ft ceiling or so. It was a really nice place and we enjoyed having our own place that we didn’t share with anyone for 3 nights. The next day we visited downtown and really liked it there. We keep saying this about everywhere but it is really beautiful here. We spent the next two days exploring the city.



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