Goreme Day 3, Turkey

This was our third day of hiking in Cappadocia. After our breakfast, we grabbed the backpack and headed towards the Open Air Museum again, but this time we walked to the end of the parking lot to start the trail. While we were walking to the museum, some hot air balloons were being deflated. They are really big! We thought about doing a tour, but it was very expensive and we already had very good views of the valleys on our first day when we hiked over to the top of the plateau. The first part of our hike was a small trail going through some gardens and more caves. It was about three kilometers long before we had to cross the main road to head toward Red and Rose Valleys.

We walked down in Red Valley, before coming back up in order to go in Rose Valley. In between we stopped for lunch on top of a big rock overlooking Red Valley. The views were so great, it felt like our eyes were not big enough to be able to take everything in all at once. After our rest, we walked down Rose Valley. The trail was fun, and we walked by many caves again, some of which we could easily explore. One of them had a little wooden bridge, so we decided to have a look. Turns out it was an amazing church carved inside the rock. From the outside it didn’t look like much, but the inside was definitely worth seeing.

When we got out of the valley, we followed a little trail that was on the GPS map but not on the paper map. We arrived in another little valley filled with cave buildings that we could explore. AA made friends with a really skinny stray dog before we continued our walk back to town. It was getting very hot and the sun was pretty strong as well. We came back to the bungalow after 11.2 kilometers.There is the hiking trail link:

Goreme Day 3

And some pictures of our day:


This is what the church looked from the outside
Please read carefully so you don’t get lost!

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